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    One of the biggest contributors to SIDS is what goes into a babies crib. Parents believe that their baby will not be comfortable, warm, or safe if they do not put bumpers, pillows, and blankets in there cribs. Problem is, not only are they wrong.... but these items can actually kill their infant. Here is a list of dos and don'ts for a baby's crib.


    Do not put bumpers in your baby's crib. If the infant were to get to close they can get wrapped in the bumper and suffocate. The infant can not harm themselves if they roll into the side of the crib. They do not have enough force to be able to harm themselves with it. So leave out the bumpers.

    Do not put a blanket in their bed. If dressed properly, the infant does not need a blanket. They can pull the blanket up and smoother themselves with it. So no blanket.

    Do not put a pillow. They do not need the pillow. They are unable to distinguish the difference. This is another suffocation hazard. It is not necessary so keep it out.

    Do not put dolls or teddy bears in the bed. What on earth would they need them for? Leave them out of the crib. They are are a hazard.

    Do not put sheets on the bed unless the zip up or are pinned underneath.


    Dress your baby warmly. There are sleepers that you can place your infant in that cover the feet as well. If you are still worried, put a cradle cap on them. Trust me, they will be warm.

    Keep mobiles at least at the other end of the bed. Do not place it over the baby. These things can fall and injure your infant.

    Keep the crib away from windows. Even a shut window allows a small amount of air to come through. This cold air can actually make your infant sick if you put them to close to one.

    I am sure there are other methods of keeping your baby safe, but this is all I can think of at the moment. If anyone knows of other methods... please feel free to add to this list.