Beagle Hitches A Ride On An Ambulance To Stay With Owner

Discussion in Pets started by ohiotom76 • Nov 16, 2014.

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    I just melted when I saw the picture in this article because that beagle looked just like the one I used to own (with the exception of the blonde fur, ours had dark brown and caramel color spots). All short and fat and pudgy with those same eyes! LOL.

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    Although beagles are more known for wandering off on a whim and never coming back, they can also be very loyal dogs too, as shown here. Ours was like a big baby the whole time we had her, any time it would thunderstorm she would run right up against my leg, while I was on my computer, and just shake all scared. She always had to be with one of us at all times, then she could nod off and sleep like a baby.

    I'm amazed how persistent and smart this dog was to hop on the ambulance like that! That had to of been a nice surprise for his owner to see him at the hospital when he woke up.