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    My daughter has recently joined the local kids in discovering beyblades. I know a little about them but really have no clue about a few things for example; when you purchase a beyblade in the box there are letters and numbers written on the package (like BB-128). I really wish I knew what these mean and whether higher lower numbers/letters are better. I have found a huge varity available on eBay I just dislike purchasing them without knowing what the differences are. There are different pieces that fit together as well and evidently you can change parts out to increase the speed of spin, defense, attack, ect. of the battling bey blade. How do you know which parts do what in the battle. Does it really matter what type launcher you use? Is it worth the extra cost for the expensive launchers. Is there any type order to the parts used or do they just mix and match in any order? I can recommend metal tips at first I have only found these online so far. I am in a smaller town in bigger cities they may be available in a 'game' type store. I think she wore the plastic one that came with her bey out in less than two days. Where we are it is just kids "battling" it is not like any of the professional battles I have heard of. I attempted to look up information about the bey blades, but mainly it is like attempting to read a foriegn language. Most sites speak of the various parts by certain names and it really is a code I have not been able to break as of yet. So, please, if anyone can help me please do. Thank you.