Capresso Cordless Electric Kettle

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    I bought several of these when I purchased them. It was back in 2008. I remember that because I was displaced temporarily, after Hurricane Ike. I had extra time on my hand, since I was staying several hours away from where I lived, so I explored the area and did some shopping. I caught a good sale, and purchased 3 or 4 of these. I kept one, and gave the others for gifts. Now I'm wishing I'd kept two.

    The kettle is glass, and holds 48 oz. of water. It rests on/in a charging pad, so that when you pick it up, you don't have to worry about the cord catching on anything. I really like that feature. I was slightly concerned that I might drop the kettle and break it, since it's glass, but I've been using it for years, and that hasn't happened.

    The lid of the kettle is silver colored plastic, which is my only complaint about the product. I would have preferred a chrome or stainless lid, which would have extended the life of the product. Obviously, it's held up this long, so I would highly recommend purchasing this product. However, the top part of the lid recently broke off, and since it's held to the inner lid via a plastic clip that broke, it's not repairable, at least by me. Believe me, if I could repair it without incurring expenses, I would. Regardless, I have definitely gotten my money's worth out of the kettle, and it will be missed.
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