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    cats meow.

    I got this toy for my cats. They took to it right away. It is pretty noisy though. They spent hours playing with it. I did notice after a couple of days they got bored. I put it away and then brought it out a couple of days later, they took to it again.

    I had to replace the batteries rather quickly.

    The wand then came off and I had to put some duck tape,which didn't really work. They still play with even though the wand is off. Companies really need to make cat toys more resilient, as cats can be a little rough house sometimes. But even without the rough housing, I see that a lot of cat toys are not designed that well.
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    I could not even get the battery backing off of this toy. I tried for over an hour with all different screw drivers. Eventually, I finally took it back to the store and the manager there could not get the back open either. It was a real shame because my cat does enjoy things of this nature. While I was at the store, three other women told me they had the same problem. The register clerk also told me they get plenty of returns. Major disappointment as far as I am concerned.
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    Thank you for your review on this product. Having five cats myself I have to admit that I was kind of curious about this item and whether it keeps them occupied. I have wondered though how durable the item was. Apparently from what you said in your review, its not too durable. I agree with you that when making cat toys, for that matter even pet toys manufacturers need to make sure that these can stand up to what a pet puts them through, even if it means hours of testing the toy with pets to make sure it holds up over time. Anyway, thanks again for telling me about Cats Meow I have seen it advertised and I was curious. Now I know that odds are it wouldn't be a good product to buy unless they improve upon it.