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Discussion in As Seen on TV started by pafjlh • Jan 24, 2015.

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    Anyone heard of this product being advertised on TV. Its hailed as being not just a cleaner for eyeglass lenses but to actually repair the scratches that develop over time. Anyway, I found this at a yard sale for a dollar and I bought it. Turns out most of the kit was there, but I understand why. After reading the instructions I wasn't sure I wanted to use the product.

    The solution that comes with the product sounds well for lack of a better word harsh. There are warnings about not getting the solution on your skin about not putting you glasses back on for a certain length of time. Wait, I need my glasses to see. Anyway, I did find that the cloth that came in the kit was decent for cleaning so I guess for a dollar I can't complain too much. Maybe the product does really work, I'm just not sure I want to risk trying to find out.
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    I work for an eye doctor, but I've never heard of this! The idea sounds interesting, but I think I would pass on the harsh chemicals too. A lot of places have a one year warranty on their lenses, but beyond that I don't think there's really a good way to get the scratches out. People ask about sending them to the lab and having them buffed and such, but adding to or taking away from the curve of the lens can change the prescription ever so slightly.

    If they are older than a year, it may be time for a new exam and lenses anyway. The best solution is really prevention! Warm running water each night to wash away any dust particles, then dry with a soft cloth. You never want to use any tissue or paper product on the lenses, as they can shed tiny fragments that will scratch into the lens.

    At least you got a good cleaning cloth out of the kit. If you do decide to risk it (maybe after you get your next new pair! :D ), I'd be interested to learn if it works for you!