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Discussion in Landline & Mobile Phone Networks started by SarahLizzie • May 9, 2012.

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    Apr 9, 2012
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    Today we just switched over to Cricket from ATT. Honestly, I am not too thrilled. I had an iPhone while we were with AT&T, which I am head of Heels in love with. Now my boyfriend both have the Huawei Pillar. It resembles a Blackberry in it's appearance, and it was only $50 or $60. Now our phone bill each month will be $90 total for two lines. This is a drastic decrease from what we were paying with AT&T, for three lines on a family plan, we were paying over $200/month!

    I am hoping their service has improved since I last had it. If not, I will have to grin and bear it for now. At least my new phone has a bunch of useful tools and gadgets to play with. So far my only complaint....the keys are extremely tiny.