Did you see the Luminous Air on TV?

Discussion in As Seen on TV started by dconklin • Apr 15, 2014.

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    This morning I turned on the TV and saw an interesting infomercial before switching to my morning news channel. I usually do not watch them, but the TV was already on this channel and it caught my attention before I could change it. Now I didn't see the advertised price on TV because I did change the channel before about 5 minutes, but it looked pretty cool. I see Amazon has it listed for over $100 so I am not sure if it is that cool just yet.

    The Luminous Air is a makeup air brush system. I had to watch a little bit because I was curious! Supposedly you put just a couple drops of foundation in this air brush system and you can evenly spray your make up on your face. Now I am not much for wearing make up because I just can't be bothered and quite often my foundation doesn't look right when I apply it, so this does have my interest. They showed how easy it was and of course the before and after pictures looked impressive since it was evenly coating your face and not being applied with your fingers. I also do not always believe before and after photos with products so I am not sure if it really is that easy and effective.

    Has anybody tried it or thought about trying it? It looks really cool, just expensive.