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Discussion in Seasonal & Holidays started by Diane Lane • Nov 12, 2015.

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    HEB, which is a local Texas based grocery chain, as well as other companies and organizations, put on huge festivals at the holidays. Some are on or near Thanksgiving, and others fall around the Christmas holiday. I think initially, they focused on homeless and down on their luck families, but at least in Houston, they seem to have morphed into huge parties with free food for all. A lot of the people who attend bring canned goods or other donations, which in some way compensates for the cost of their meals, and others volunteer time and/or talent. Here's a link to

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    Have you ever attended something like this? This would be sort of like volunteering at a soup kitchen on steroids. It could be a way of getting a free meal, and also teaching children about giving back, and that not everyone has a home and food.