Frequent Waxing Diminishes The Luster Of The Car Paint

Discussion in Auto & Moto started by Corzhens • Mar 9, 2016.

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    This is an advice by a veteran car painter to us. Do not wax your car frequently because it is not easily visible but it ruins the paint somehow. If possible, wax your car twice a month and use water only. For grime and too much dirt, it is all right to use shampoo but again do not use it frequently. He said that there was an experiment involving 2 cars, 1 was waxed twice a week while the other was waxed twice a month. So there, use the car was sparingly to save on the car's paint and also on the cost of wax.
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    To be fair - although waxing as frequently as twice a month - would not only be considered somewhat excessive but totally unnecessary - it would generally have quite the opposite effect on paint luster.

    Particularly when bearing in mind - that even though waxes - which as they provide a protective coating of polymers, resins and silicons - won't give the same high gloss finish as a polish - as vehicles are under constant attack from environmental hazards and its these elements and substances which if left on the paint's surface that will damage and diminish the luster of a paint finish – its generally lack of cleaning and waxing that dulls the finish - simply because - as modern waxes not only apply a protective coating against these elements - but some now even contain sunscreen to help avoid paint fade - regular waxing - will actually keep a vehicle looking like new for many, many years.

    In fact as vehicle polishing, waxing and washing are mainly done purely for aesthetic reasons - rather than as they should be - as a preventative measure - to protect the exterior from environmental pollution and the most common causes of diminished luster in a paint finish - are not cleaning it properly, regularly enough and/or - the use of household detergents.

    The most cost effective ways of prolonging the life of a vehicle's exterior whilst of course keeping a healthy glow to the finish - would be to follow the most widely accepted and generally recommended - preventive guidelines of

    Keeping the paintwork clean - by regularly washing with a good quality car wash solution - specially designed to gently remove environmental grime and preserve the paint finish - rather than household liquid detergents - which as they strip the protective coatings damage the paint finish.

    Protecting the paint finish with

    wax - twice a year - preferably in spring - to give extra protection from the harmful rays of the summer sun and then again just before winter - to give extra protection from the harsh elements of winter weather.

    as well as

    non abrasive polish - 2 to 4 times a year - to maintain and protect the high gloss finish

    as not only will doing that save money in the long term - but will be extremely beneficial should you wish to sell the vehicle.