Galaxy Core Prime

Discussion in Product Reviews started by Norjak71 • May 4, 2016.

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    May 4, 2016
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    So I needed a new cell phone and was thinking about the new S6 Edge or opting in to by my first Iphone; however, what I ended up getting was what I'm guessing is Samsung's knock off version of the newer Galaxy phones. The battery life is superb, easily lasts all day long. The durability is incredible, I've dropped it four times at work today (yes, I'm a klutz) and not even a scratch on it, as opposed to people that break their iPhone by seemingly just looking at it the wrong way -- they seem so fragile. It has every app as any other phone does and although the camera isn't as strong that really seems to be the only draw back. It's also about 350 dollars cheaper than your standard new-tech phone as well. I highly suggest people look into this if you really want a current smart phone with all the bells and Whistles and don't feel like paying top dollar to get it.