Gas syphoners

Discussion in Auto & Moto started by MrsJones • Jan 1, 2015.

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    Oct 30, 2014
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    With the way gas prices have been rising, has anyone had any problems with their gas being syphoned? In our neighborhood we had a rash of vehicles which had been syphoned, us included. It's no fun when you just happen to look at the fuel gage and think 'I thought I bought some gas ... (whenever)' and you put more in and the same thought is raised again a few days later. We eventually got a gas lock and didn't have the problem anymore.

    It's a safeguard to think about and an inexpensive investment.
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    Dec 6, 2014
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    How weird that the cost of your gas is going up? I thought that the gas cost in the US was actually going down. In fact it seems I just read a report that said that New York was still one of the highest in gas cost because of the state tax? Even here the gas is down over a dollar.

    A gas lock is a great idea, I had one in the seventies when people would steal gas, when we were close to $4 a gallon I tried to buy the type I had, it was one that fit into the whole, not a locking gas cap and I was told that the way that cars are made today you could not just put a tube down the fill area and syphon gas anymore, there is a screen of some sort that prevents this.

    In this area what was happening was people were going under the cars and stealing the catalytic converters for scrap metal, they would often steal batteries too- or other hard to get parts from certain makes of cars but I do not recall all the brands in particular, seems some of the Mitsubishi parts were desirable and hard to get.