Good Heating Tape?

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    If you keep exotic pets, then you're familiar with the need to maintain the vivarium temperature.

    At the petstore, you can buy heating pads, but these are often only useful for relatively small vivariums that can be heated effectively from below. For larger vivariums, or vivariums that need to be raised to higher temperatures, side-mounted or top-mounted heating apparatuses are needed.

    But if a top-mounted electric heatlamp won't work (as it is the case for me with my toads; can't have the little guys drying out), then you're effectively off the grid as far as what you can get for side-mounted heating.

    I checked eBay and found a brand of heat tape called Flex Watt. While its product size variability is nice (you can buy the tape in many different lengths and thicknesses), it's more expensive than I'd like to pay for a product like this, and it doesn't even come fully assembled! Here is a video explaining how to assemble Flex Watt (with spare parts you need to acquire on your own, to boot).

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    Does anybody have any recomendations for better heat tape products?