Greenies for your Dog - best prices

Discussion in Pets started by Gussie • Aug 28, 2012.

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    Aug 28, 2012
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    My dogs like the Greenies better than most anything. I started out getting them at PetSmart, and finally ended up getting them online at When they have them on sale, you can get the big box (45 treats in Petite size), in Regular, Lite, or Senior, for about $23 dollars a box (or occasionally less). The shipping is about $8.95 but they often have sales on that, too. They will send emails to let you know when they run sales on everything, and they have been fast and dependable. When PetSmart has them on sale, it's about $28 a box for the same ones, and I don't always find the Senior (for my little old lady).

    Of course, not all dogs can have Greenies - I have a Gobbler that can't have them (he gets Meaty Bones), and you have to get the right size for your dog - there are about 5 sizes available.