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    Do you use Groupon? In the Detroit, Michigan area there is a Groupon for a 218.00 photo package for only 16.00. This includes prints! Its a great deal for families who would like to update their pictures since the kids are going back to school. is also having a deal on personalized wine bottles but I suppose that shouldn't go under the 'kids' section of the forum. Unless of course you parents out there would like to celebrate the quiet left in The House once again. :cool: The personalized wine bottles are normal around 30.00 and are now down to 18.00. For those of you who might not be familiar with Groupon, it is a company that offers an online coupon where you purchase the coupon but will only redeem it if a certain amount of people also agree to buy it. There is an expiration date, so you will not be forever waiting to find out if you actually get your deal. Then there is a date that you have to use the 'Groupon' by. (It is a group of people who buys a coupon, thus the name; Groupon). As a side note, if you purchase a restaurant Groupon it is socially correct to tip according to the value of the meal and not the value of the Groupon discount.