How Long Do You Wait To Get Your Validation Sticker For You Vehicle?

Discussion in Auto & Moto started by MrsJones • Mar 6, 2015.

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    Here in Ohio you are required to renew your vehicle's sticker each year. These stickers would display the your birthday by month, year (mmyy), then state, county district, plate id, and a specific color. It has always been a question as to when those stickers expired. Some said that you were given til the month after (30 days) your birthday while others said til the end of the month.

    There is an addition charge of $10 if you are late getting a new sticker. This began two maybe three years ago with hopes of encouraging people to renew their stickers early. It would be costly if you were stopped with expired stickers - ticket, fine, maybe even having your vehicle towed. Then you would have towing and storage costs plus tax. I did not want that to happen to me.

    This year I applied for my sticker a month early and had it mailed to me. It displays the exact date it expires. So there can be no excuse for driving with an expired sticker.

    So how long have you waited to get a new validation sticker for your vehicle? Are there any regulations that are required to assure that you have renewed it to prevent expiration? What happens if you are stopped with expired stickers?