How to Get a Little Extra Out of Your Streaming Subscriptions

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    For services like Hulu Plus, Netflix, Crunchy Roll (anime streaming), and most other streaming sites, you can usually get a few extra weeks for free under various circumstances. You can even take advantage of referral programs or extra features to get more out of your monthly subscription fee.

    Hulu Plus - Refer friends to sign up for Hulu, and you can get a couple extra weeks tacked onto your service for free. Then again, you can use the free version to watch all your favorite shows, but you'll have to wait a week to see brand new episodes.

    Netflix - Go to cancel your membership, and they'll usually offer you a free month to stay on. If you actually cancel the subscription, then you'll receive free month service offers in your inbox after a few weeks. Both of these tactics only work once every few months, but it never hurts to try and get some extra service time for free.

    Crunchy Roll - Anime fans will receive a free two-day pass every few weeks of active membership. You can use this pass to let your friends view some of their favorite anime. I can't remember if Cruncyroll has a referral program, but you can sometimes get an extra month free if you go to cancel your membership.

    These tactics and a few others will yield the same results. It's often fairly easy to acquire an extra month of service at no expense to yourself. This usually requires going to cancel your membership. At that point, you'll receive an special "one-time" (often available every few months) offer for a free month of service.

    Anyone else got any tips?