Huy Fong Sricha, The Sauce Americans Eat With Everything

Discussion in Product Reviews started by Beast_Titan • Jan 21, 2018.

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    This hot sauce was invented by a Vietnamese refugee, it is inspired from the hot sauces of Thailand but it is made of jalapeño instead of Asian chilies. Americans had been crazy about this hotsauce and I got curious on what the buzz is about.

    One I love about it is the price, a bottle is like $3.48 dollars and that is cheaper that a $ 7.13 bottle of Tabasco. It's bottle is bigger than a bottle of most American hot sauces. It is very spicy and delicious but it is cheaper.

    If you eat this while you have colds, it will unclog your nose.

    I am not shocked why Americans eats it with everything. It works with burgers, pizza,hot dogs,tacos, Chinese takeouts and even icecream. It is super versatile.

    Sadly for non American members here, it is not sold outside the US so it is expensive outside the US.

    Well non Americans can do a home made imitation version: