I Love My Roomba

Discussion in Product Reviews started by sissibombix • Sep 12, 2015.

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    Mar 23, 2013
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    I had both the vacuum Roomba and the one that mops floors, and loved both of them. The Scuba (mopping robot) did a great job in the kitchen and bathroom, where we had tile floors. It only needs a little bit of white vinegar and water and it got the whole floor sparkling clean !
    The Roomba could get under the couch and bed, places I could not reach with the upright vacuum cleaner, and for such a small vacuum, it did a great job of keeping everything clean.
    I do agree that you should not schedule the Roomba to clean unless you are home though. Ours would sometimes gt stuck somewhere and would be beeping at us and waiting to be rescued. Since Roomba puts itself away when the battery get low, it can't even do that if it is stuck.
    We moved and I couldn't keep mine; but I thought it was wonderful and would love to have another one again !