Internet Discounts For Low-income Persons Or Families.

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    One of the laws here in the United States , is that all internet providers must offer a low-cost internet service for people who can’t afford regular internet prices. The rules for each company can vary, so a person might qualify for one discount service, and not qualify for that same kind of service from a different company.
    As an example, comcast/Xfinity offers their service here for about $5-$10 per month, but to qualify, you have to be on an assistance program like welfare or food Stamps, and you also must have a child in school.
    So, a senior adult with no children would not qualify for the Comcast service, regardless of how low-income they are.
    On the other hand, the AT&T Access program will accept anyone who is low income and has a food stamp card to verify their income.
    If you are low-income, and live in the United States, it is well worth the time to browse the different programs and see what you can qualify for.
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    In my home country, there are no subdies for internet for low income families, however, if you subscribe to night time surfing, it cost half of the regular bills. My home internet is night time package. During the day time I don't have internet in the home,. This arrangement works for me because I have a regular job and I can use internet in my office.