Is It Impossible To Get Disability Insurance If You Are A Stay At Home Mom?

Discussion in Other Insurance Type started by joyful728 • Feb 5, 2015.

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    Hi everyone ~

    Does anyone know of companies who will provide disability insurance for stay at home moms?

    Recently I have had some wierd back pain. As usual, I googled all of my symptoms and found it it matched the symptoms of a spinal tumor. Yes, I know I have issues and it is probably not. But I started panicking, I mean what if it was and I became confined to a wheelchair and paralyzed from the neck down?

    I worked for several years before become a SAHM in 2005. After more googling I discovered that you can NOT get SSDI EVEN if you worked and paid into it if you have NOT worked at least 5 of the last 10 years!!!!!

    I called our insurance rep (allstate) and they only sell disability insurance if you are employed!

    You can get life insurance if you are stay at home mom, why can't you get disability?

    I mean being disabled would be WORSE for my family that dying. If i died, they would get the life insurance. If I were severly disabled, they would get NOTHING plus the added medical care for me plus the cost of a babysitter for my kids.

    Anyone know of companies that will sell it for SAHMS?
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    Well, having gone through the grooling process myself of applying for disability and being turn down more times then I care to count I do have some information for you. First of all yes your credit to apply for Social Security itself has expired. Like you I had cut off time that I stopped working which was back in 2009 because of this my credit cut off in june of last year. Now that doesn't mean you don't qualify for nothing, odds are if you are indeed ill and do indeed have a disability that is proven to be debilitating you will qualify for SSI. This program goes by a person's financial position, along with what they have put into the program while working over the years regardless of how much time has gone by and their disability in general. My advice would be to contact Social Security about interviewing for Supplemental Security Income.
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    Social Security Disability somethimes will take more than 3 years to be approved and it will be based on if you have ever worked, how many credits you have earned also SSI may not be approved based on your family income situation. Your age is also a factor in this situation.

    Insurance will not cover you if you have a pre-existing condition, under writing will ask questions that may make you not qualify for insurance. Disability insurance does require you to be working in an accepted industry. You may be able to get a critical care program that will give you income for your illness. There are several types of programs that will give you coverage that pays you not the doctor to help with the bills for you and your family. A cancer policy that pays directly is also a good program to have, it does not matter if you are employed or not at this time. There are several programs that will help you, they will cost but it will give you peace of mind if you find what you need.

    I am an insurance agent, I offer these programs to my clients.
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    The others covered most of what I would've mentioned already.

    One thing you may want to consider is that you MIGHT BE considered employed. Do you make money at all right now? For example, do you work online freelance? If so, then your insurance company may still sell you insurance if you can prove you're bringing in income (such as your PayPal deposits).
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    Wow, I didn't know it is that hard to secure disability insurance in your part of the world. Disability insurance happens to be a rider in certain life insurance plans. For instance, if you get a life insurance plan, you add accident, health and disability coverage as well. If it's that difficult to get a standalone disability program, then why don't you look for a life insurance or accident and health plan with disability coverage instead?