Ladies, Do You Want To Save Money And Help Mother Nature At The Same Time?

Discussion in Health & Beauty started by Beast_Titan • Feb 11, 2017.

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    Most Tampons and Mentrual pads are non biodegradable so you can imagine the contribution it have to pollution. Maxipads have polymer plastic on it so it can capture all that blood.

    Imagine all the money you spent on a monthly basis and all the plastic you discribute to the landfills. Amazon is currently selling reusable and rewashable maxipads with 10 percent discount.

    Reusable Maxipads seemed more expensive than the regular disposable Maxipads but imagine all the money you will save on a monthly or yearly basis. It is a long time investment with a long time benefit. You can simply put these maxipads with your regular laundry and it will be clean and ready to use again. They are also healthier because commercial Maxipads have chemicals on it.

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    Aside from the reusable Maxipads, there is also the diva cup that is also resusable. Most women who used diva cups said they don't cramp anymore. They don't have promos in Amazon at this moment but the fact it is reusable means you will save a lot of money.