Make It Yourself: Shaving Emulsion

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    This is a good money saving trick to create a good, gentle and effective shaving emulsion for men and women. Both my partner and I use this emulsion ourselves and it is suitable for use on the face, underarms, legs and even bikini area. With only having to use a minute amount at a time it is extremely cost effective too.

    Measurements are depicted entirely by the size of the bottle being used.

    A plastic bottle with a fliptop lid

    Baby wash

    Baby oil

    Tsp tea tree oil or peppermint oil (optional)

    Mix one part baby oil to three parts baby wash. Shake vigorously until the mixture turns white. If you like an antibacterial aspect to your shave, add one teaspoon of tea tree oil in the mix, before shaking.

    This stuff foams up nicely, and you will only need a small amount each time. It has been tested on legs, underarms, bikini line and face. It leaves the skin nice and soft, and the razor glides gently over the skin.
    It's excellent for guys who like a wet shave, the oil keeps the skin supple, and the added tea tree oil will help keep the skin clear. If the mixture separates at any point, simply shake it up before use.

    If you'd like a very 'fresh' feeling shave, add a teaspoon of peppermint oil. Be warned that peppermint will leave your skin feeling very cool and tingly, so it might be an idea to keep it away from more "sensitive" parts.

    Literally, only a small amount is needed. I found that an amount equal to half a teaspoon is enough to provide adequate lather and lubrication for 5 days worth of stubble!
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    Another way to save money is by using soap instead of a shaving cream. It often does just as well. However, don't use body wash, it causes your skin to itch.
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    I have been shaving my growing beard but I have never been using a shaving solution or emulsion. I often see it in the TV those actors who are saving their beard with bubbling white shaving solution. I want to buy one for me but it seems that it is not necessary. Now, I have come across this DIY making shaving emulsion would entice me to make one for myself.

    This is indeed a great help not only for me, but others too. Thanks for this.