Misto Brushed Aluminum Sprayer

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    Cooking spray became popular because you can fry or bake food with less oil and fat if you will just spray it but many commercial cooking sprays have deadly chemicals like Dimemythlpolysiloxane which is basically liquid silicone and Diacetyl which can cause lung cancer.

    The suppose to be healthier option is not healthy at all.

    I just purchased Misto brushed Aluminum sprayer and it is the real healthier option. This reusable sprayer is Good for mother nature because it is reusable unlike the spray cans used for cooking sprays . It is also healthier because you can use any oil as cooking spray minus those chemicals we can't pronounce. Cooking sprays are usually more pricey that our favorite cooking oils but this reusable sprayer will save us a lot of money. You can now cook with less oil and calories minus worrying about harmful chemicals.

    I have 8 pieces of Mistos and I filled them with olive oil, Sunflower oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and almond oil. You can also use it as a spray for other liquid condiments like vinegar or soy sauce.

    I purchased mine for 9.74 dollars a piece.