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    I used to have mobile phone insurance cover at £5 per month a long time ago - came in Handy when my iphone 2g was stolen in a cafe but I've stopped paying for insurance a while later as I thought it was too expensive.

    Now I'm kind of regretting it as I just did a stupid thing with my Galaxy S3; I tried to pocket my phone in my inside jacket pocket - completely missed it and threw it against a concrete floor in public :eek:, the screen is cracked but it still works.

    Paying a monthly cost seems a tad expensive just for one item and was wondering if others have experienced claiming the cost of a broken or stolen mobile off something else like home insurance or a special bank account type.

    I think I've seen various deals where banks or home insurance might cover things like this as part of the account package this but it depends on the service provider (it was a long time ago as well)
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