My bundling what if...?

Discussion in Phone, Internet & TV started by Lostvalleyguy • Apr 1, 2014.

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    Feb 24, 2014
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    I currently have my phone through one company and my internet and cable through another. I know it will save me some money to bundle, but when I ask the question of what if... I don't ever get a good answer. Here is my question:

    What if the service goes down? How will I Contact you to let you know that I have no service?

    Right now, when cable is down, I can call (and wait forever on hold) and let them know that my service is down. If my phone line were down, I could email them and let them know. If I bundle my services I can imagine having everything down at the same time and no easy way to get it fixed. It isn't like there is a phone booth anywhere in the city anymore.

    Have you bundled your services? Have you ever has an issue with being unable to contact the provider when everything goes down?