Review: Red Heart Super Saver Yarn

Discussion in Product Reviews started by thisnthat • Feb 2, 2017.

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    Oct 3, 2016
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    I like to crochet. It relaxes me. I like to make stuff and do craft projects, because being creative feels good. So, I like to pick up some pretty yarn every now and then, especially if I have a particular crochet project in mind.

    I get that it's "super saver," and cheap means you get what you pay for, but the thing is, it used to be better. The last couple times that I bought this brand and and type of yarn, the quality was much less than what it used to be.

    Before, it wasn't quite as soft as others, and it wasn't made quite as well as other styles or brands. It was still decent and pretty easy to work with depending on what I was making.

    Now, I find that the colors tend to be uneven, and sometimes, the yarn itself is as well. There are really thick areas and really thin ones. It unravels much more easily now too.

    I would much rather have them give you a bit less for the price than make the yarn so poorly.