Saving money on car MOTs

Discussion in Auto & Moto started by PhilA • Aug 22, 2014.

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    Aug 12, 2014
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    I have some advice here I would like to share, and if anyone has an experience on this subject I would love to hear it.

    We have two cars in our household, and every year I choose different garages for our MOTs, these were garages that carry out all car repairs as well as MOTs. I was becoming annoyed with the constant bills, each car was averaging around £300 a year. They are not old or badly treated cars, but every garage seemed to find various minor faults to tinker with.

    Then someone suggested to me that I use a garage that only does the MOT, no work. Thinking about it I thought it seemed like a good idea, they would have no reason to find faults, it would cost them time for me to go elsewhere and get the work done then come back for a free re-test. The only bad point being exactly that if there were any problems.

    Well we have now done 5 MOTs with a MOT only garage, 2 on my car and 3 on the wife's car, and guess what...not a single repair bill. We have saved around an estimated £1500 and can only assume it is all legit as I have not had a single problem with either car.

    Anyone else found this?