Shopping For A High Yield Savings Account?

Discussion in Savings & Investments Plans started by danderson239 • Mar 1, 2014.

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    Mar 1, 2014
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    I've spent the past year in search of the savings account that will yield the highest return. After many frustrating attempts, I've resigned to the conclusion that savings accounts don't yield high returns. That said, every person should have a savings account set aside for emergencies. Some return is better than no return, and no return is probably close to what your regular bank is paying you.

    So which savings account did I choose to conclude my search? American Express Bank High Yield Savings Account.

    I receive an interest rate of 0.85% APY. This isn't the largest interest rate available. If your local credit union offers a higher rate, by all means choose that option. However, the brick and mortar banks in my area weren't anywhere near this amount. Some online banks offer a slightly higher rate, but I don't fully trust the exclusively online bank business model. I realize all banks are FDIC insured, but the process of receiving your money from a failed bank can take a while. American Express Bank is backed by one of the largest credit holding companies in the United States. I trust the soundness of the holding company, and I value the 24/7 customer support.

    If you're looking for a savings account that is convenient, safe, and offers some return, I'd recommend checking out American Express bank!
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    Yeah such a thing as a high yield savings account does not exist. They did back in the day, but not in the current economical situation. 0.85% seems alright, I really can't remember what I have on my account now.