Some Moneysaving Mental Habits

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    Everybody know plenty common strategies to save money : Always set aside part of your salary, not to get out of a set budget, plan your purchases ... But besides all those strategies , there are several very simple psychological tricks that can help you even more to increase your savings .I explain below some of the most effective mindsets.

    Imagine yourself when older and in need of retirement money

    Many of us do not save enough for retirement , perhaps because We see it too far. However , several studies show that a simple way to help us meet our objectives for retirement is now imagine how our lives will be in a few decades .

    Chewing gum and using headphones

    What does the gum and headphones have to do with purchases and save money? Everything is related to the strategies of shops, supermarkets and department stores to get you to buy more . Chewing gum can contribute to counter pleasant scents in stores and make you feel full so you will not buy impulsively food in a supermarket. Bring headphones will also isolate music stores , designed for you to relax , you stay longer and spend more .

    Think of a price in terms of how many hours of work need to pay

    A quite effective way to cut unnecessary expenses : thinking how long you have to work to earn the money needed to buy that stuff . 90 euros or dollars for a pair of jeans may seem acceptable , but they are 2 working days ( or more ) with the average salary in many countries.

    Don't be miserable with yourself in trying to save a lot of money now , commit to save more in the future

    It sounds a bit contradictory , but the key is the moment. Some research suggests that increasing gradually and progressively the amount of money you save is more effective than trying to save much from the beginning. For example : it is better to save much of your next salary increases to try save a lot each month.

    Most of them are ideas that came up with a little of common sense thinking. But these habits are useful because nothing is more stronger that having a sense of purpose when you trying to achieve anything, not only for saving a bundle of money.
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    There are some really unique but effective ways of saving money which could turn out to be very effective if we should stick with that program. I decided that I would whenever I got a certain coin denomination I would save it instead of spending and It had accumulated to a tidy sum. Once I didn't have money to buy gas for the car and I raided the coin stash and was able to fill the tank from it and it had also bailed me out on other occasions when I was short of cash. I have now decided to continue this saving habit on a more intense level.
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    I agree with this thread about the mental habit of saving. As I had posted in some other threads, I have several bank accounts that serve as my allocation tray. My salary is divided among those bank accounts and one or two serve as my piggy bank of sorts. In my mind, I always have that notion of saving money especially when I realize that I am retiring in a few years. Having no more income is a scary thought especially when you have no savings.
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    Even though it might be hard to commit yourself to saving more in future, the earlier you start saving whatever little you can manage will be quite helpful because once you get into the habit of saving in future when you are probably earning more money, saving won't be that hard.

    In fact it would even be easier to save more because even if you earn more at that it will be easier to resist the desire to spend more [which is what most people do].