Stasher Reusable Zip Lock Bags That Can Be Used As Zip Locks, Sous Vide Bags And Sandwich Bags

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    What makes Hotel foods more delicious than home food and cheap diner foods is the process known as sous vide. It is basically putting the vegetables and meat inside a Sous Vide Bag, zipping it and dropping it in boiling water. Sous Vide bags basically locks the flavor of the meat or vegetable instead of mixing it with the water.

    A welldone sous vide steak can be as tender and juicy as a medium rare steak. That is what making this method popular to rich people.

    You can basically enjoy food that tasted like it's cooked from a hotel if you cook them inside sous vide bags but here is the thing, These bags are pricey for something disposable.

    I want to review Stasher reusable silicone bags. These reusable and washable silicone bags can be used for storing sandwiches or cooking food via Microwave or Sous Vide.
    It works well as a zip lock bag, a sous vide bag and a microwave cooker.


    These bags are dishwasher safe and heat resistant. They will save you money because they are not disposable unlike most ziplock bags and sous vide bags.

    It costs 11 dollars but the fact it's reusable means you will save more money for a longer term.