Stocking Stuffers For Men

Discussion in Seasonal & Holidays started by prose • Dec 11, 2015.

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    Oct 15, 2015
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    My husband and I each secretly fill each other's Christmas stocking every Christmas. Some years we spurge on each other and go all a out with small gifts in the stocking, and other years when we are trying to save money we scale back to inexpensive items. Here are some of my go-to ideas for stocking stuffers for my husband:
    • His favorite candy
    • Box of Little Debbie snack cakes
    • Beef Jerky
    • Slim Jims
    • Gum
    • Razors
    • Hair gel
    • Chap stick
    • Pudding cups
    • Multitool gadgets
    • Movie on DVD
    • Video game
    • Lottery scratch off tickets
    What are some of your stocking stuffer ideas for men?
  2. MrsJones

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    Oct 30, 2014
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    That's easy for me. Anything that has a NFL logo on it that is small enough to fit in a stocking, key chains, sweatbands, socks, caps, travel mugs, gloves, or the less expensive side I find that items for the vehicle are great like air fresheners, window scrapers, etc. I usually find a lot of these items at any of the dollar stores.
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    Mar 22, 2015
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    These are some great ideas. I've always found it easier to buy for women than men. I think it depends a lot on the person's interests and hobbies, as well as sometimes his occupation. I have purchased a lot of hand and foot warmers for those who work outdoors, or who enjoy hunting (yuck) or ice fishing. Obviously that would be for those in cold climates. Ice scrapers and tire gauges usually also go over well. Definitely Slim Jims and other little portable treats.

    If you're into (and they appreciate) handcrafted items, there are many on Etsy and other handmade sites. Some are low cost, while others are more artisan in nature, and can be more expensive. Some of the ones I've seen and considered are handmade razors and pens. Those types of sites also have a lot of customized apparel and gifts, so anyone who is into specific shows, brands, trents, etc., can usually find what they need there.