Train Birthday - Little Engineer Hat Bandanna & Whistle Set

Discussion in Product Reviews started by thatnewmommy • Aug 28, 2015.

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    Aug 15, 2014
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    My king loves Thomas the tank so when we got to his second birthday (we originally wanted Pocoyo but found nothing in that theme) we went with Thomas.

    One of the things we wanted was to dress him up as a train engineer. We found this

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    in Toys R Us. The hat fit perfectly but he wouldn't keep the bandanna on. I thought I would have to tie it but it comes with a velcro right on the knot so it lays perfectly. But like I said, he wouldn't keep it on. The one thing I had an issue with was the whistle. These don't always come out right I think. The whistle we got in the set didn't really sound like it's supposed to. He didn't care though which was good. We did get a separate whistle (branded as a Thomas one) also in toys r Us and that one sounded great.

    So if you get these you shouldn't expect too much from the whistle.