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Discussion in Misc & Others started by Theo • May 24, 2016.

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    This is only for UK folks, but is similar to Ebates in the US. You sign up to

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    and once you reach £1 you can get paid via bank transfer, Paypal or an Amazon gift card. All are free and with Amazon you get a 2% bonus.

    Recently I set up an account for my dad, and I found that they send new users that have been inactive bonus offers. Basically if he used Quidco for any purchase they would give him £10, so he used the site to buy through a Groupon offer and they paid him £10 in addition to the cashback earned. Apparently they do targeted offers, but you can't transfer things, as they have a list of emails that they have sent the offer to, in order to prevent fraud.

    Even if you order a free (giff gaff) sim card, you can still get some cashback, so it's worth trying.