What is the best way to adopt?

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    Do you know of anyone who has adopted? I have met several people and most of them say the price is very costly. This is a good thing in that it protects the children to ensure secure homes. However, there are many who might be able to afford to raise a child but cannot afford all the paperwork to adopt. What do you think is the most economical way to adopt? Friends of ours did Foster care first, received help for having the children, then eventually adopted them. There is another site that has children from all over the world. Its called Rainbow kids. Some of these children have special needs and so they give a reduction on the cost of adoptions if you are willing to care for these children. I don't know what the provisions are for these children if they are not born in a state, but most children with special needs receive some help from the government in North America. Here is the website, it is very interesting:

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    Hi -

    The cheapest way to adopt is to adopt from foster care, or through private agencies such as the Bair Foundation that place children who have been in foster care. Often there is very little cost in the adoption and in many cases, there is even a subsidy.

    The second cheapest way to adopt is through embryo adoption. The cost is roughly $5000, if it is only through the doctor (usually this is more of "embryo donation") however sometimes the embryos do not implant and/or miscarry. These embryos are leftover from families who have gone through the IVF process - and it worked - and they do not want any more children. I have known of many moms who have adopted this way. There are some embryo adoption agencies that cost much more - over 10k I think- to adopt frozen embryos.

    Unfortunately overseas adoption can be the most costly. Many times it costs more than 30k.