Who Has Roku?

Discussion in Movies, Music & Games started by bigsumm22 • Nov 12, 2015.

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    Nov 12, 2015
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    I've been thinking about looking into Roku but wanted to know who has it and what do they think about the service? I pay way too much for cable and don't watch all 500 channels we have. I actually rarely watch TV, so I would like to pay for what channels I'm actually watching. How is the service? Could you tell me exactly how it works? From my understanding, you get apps, some are free and others you have to pay for, that is okay by me as long as I'm paying for what channels I only need. Is it up to date on the latest episodes, and does it stream rather fast with minimal lagging?
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    May 18, 2015
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    My girlfriend's parents have Roku and they like it. It's affordable and they can get access to more internet channels than with other streaming services. In addition, there are private TV channels that non-Roku users cannot access. Also, it's known as being more searchable.
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    We just got a Roku this weekend, and even though we have not had it for very long, we like it already, and once our contract with DirecTV is up next spring, we are going to have that turned off and just use the local antenna and the Roku.
    There are a lot of programs that are free, and they have just about any kind of movies or TV programs that a person is interested in watching, plus public television and documentaries.
    One of the things that we like the best is that it includes Youtube, which has som many videos about anything that a person want to learn about.
    It also has music channels like Pandora, and radio stations like Iheart radio; so it can also have all of the music that a person enjoys as well.
    Even though we have not had it very long, I think that this is going to be worth the price, which was only $29, and it is very easy to set up with the television.