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    Two years ago I purchased a Windows Surface Pro 64 bit tablet. I love this tablet. It has Windows 8 which allows me to use it like a laptop and allows for android type applications. I am using it as I speak. It is small enough for me to place in my purse and it has touch screen capabilities. It has an on screen keyboard and a magnetic keyboard you can buy to go with it. It even has a decent camera on it.

    My only beef with this tablet/computer is that its magnetic charger has a tendency to fry out (I've been through 4 in 2 years) and it only has one USB port. So I have to use a USB hub to plug in a external hard drive and external cd/dvd and mouse to it. I wish the memory on it was better but it is not capable of upgrade. You have to buy a new version to get any kind of upgrade on it.

    Overall, I love my Windows Surface Pro. It works very well and the price on it has gone down significantly since I bought it. It was $800.00 when I bought it, I've found some online selling for $200.00 now. Here are the specs on the Windows Surface Pro.


    Windows 8 Pro. Upgradeable to Windows 8.1 Pro

    Dimensions: 10.81 in (27.5 cm) x 6.81 in (17.3 cm) x 0.53 in (13.46 mm)
    Weight: Less than 2lbs
    Casing: VaporMg
    Color: Dark Titanium
    Integrated kickstand
    Physical buttons: Volume, Power, and Windows button
    Storage* and Memory

    64GB, 128GB

    Screen: 10.6 inch ClearType Full HD Display
    Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (widescreen)
    Touch: 10-point multi-touch
    CPU and Wireless

    3rd Gen Intel Core i5 Processor
    4GB RAM
    Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n)
    Bluetooth®4.0 technology
    Battery Life

    42 W-h
    Camera, Video, and Audio

    Two 720p HD cameras, front and rear-facing
    Stereo speakers

    Full-size USB 3.0
    microSDXC card slot
    Headset jack
    Mini DisplayPort
    Cover port

    Ambient light sensor
    Power Supply

    48W power supply (including 5W USB for accessory charging)
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    I have a Dell tablet, and I think it is not actually a Surface, but it has Windows 8 on it. This one is the large 18" screen, and doubles as a desktop. You can keep it on the pedestal,, whch is what I do, or you can use lit like a laptop, or like a tablet. It has a mouse and keyboard, but it is also a touchscreen, so it is interchangeable.
    Since I have a little Kindle Fire to carry places with me, the big Dell tablet just doesn't need to go anywhere. At 18" wide, it won't fit into my purse, in any case ! !
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    We recently received a batch of Surface Pro 3s for work to replace a few Surface Pro 1s. The quality improvement is incredible - it seems like Microsoft really finally ironed out some of the bugs that plagued the first revision non-adjustable viewing angle stand... really?) and increased the battery life. Overall, it feels like a much more polished product than the first revision. Unfortunately, I have no experience with the Surface 2, but we've been completely satisfied (though a bit taken aback at the price tag) of our Surface 3s.
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    As long as you don't look at the price tag, the Surface Pro 3 is an incredible device. It does have its quirks and annoyances, but Microsoft has gotten far closer to the perfect tablet that's also a laptop when you need it to be one. More powerful chips are required to prevent the throttling issues under heavy use, but most individuals are going to be able to do great things with the 8GB versions. It's a nifty device that's only going to improve with the next generation.