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    Are you using WordPress to build, create and edit your website? If you are, then there's a big chance that you're using a free theme. I've used a lot of free themes in the past and a lot of them were great. But then, I simply got tired of all those free themes. There seemed to be something always lacking. That's when I started to try out some paid themes. And my search lead my to X, a theme by Themeforest.

    The theme is a bit pricey (60 bucks) but it is very very elegant. And you'd be surprised that the theme contains 4 major layouts that could function as a different theme on their own. The theme is also highly customizable. There are a lot of options which may overwhelm you at first but would eventually be your haven as you could easily edit the layout and design of your site. Is X theme worth the purchase? Absolutely!