Xbox One - The good and the bad.

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    By continuously filling my piggy bank during 1 year, I managed to buy this console back in February, 3 months after its release. Truth be said, I expected it to be of more than decent quality, as it was made by Microsoft itself, and it wasn't truly the name that convinced me to spend a "mere" $450 for it, but its usefulness throughout my household, as it wouldn't have been solely a gaming console, but an entire all-in-one entertaining system, which could've ultimately replaced even my recurring TV subscription. Probably the best add-on for it - currently - is the Kinect sensor, which has been greatly improved over the course of the past years, seamlessly working with little to no flaws whatsoever. Although its competitor, Sony, hasn't really bothered to bring anything new to the table, it shouldn't be disregarded because it is greatly working for my PS3. I can't express my opinion regarding the one that exists for the PS4 as I don't own neither of them.
    Upon successfully arriving at my door, I impatiently started to unbox it. I must confess that the initial startup was too tedious and it even stuttered 2 or 3 times, startling my questions about whether it was as good as advertised on TV and even through Bing commercials ( Yes, I do use Bing on a daily basis)or not, but other than that I really liked the overall image quality and the fancy shown colours and visual effects. But, the middle of my expectations weren't determined by those ephemeral steady catchy images, but the game performances themselves. The game that I bought with the console was BF4 ( Battlefield 4). Though I consider myself rather amateur when playing FPS on my PC than a decent player whatsoever, surprisingly-shocking, on the Xbox One I managed to actually have a pretty good score, mainly because the controller was so comfortable and easy-to-use compared to its predecessor. If I had the money to buy one for the PC, too, I'd be more than contented.
    It was very welcome in my house for the first weeks, everybody enjoyed its performances and abilities. I literally couldn't say anything bad about it even if I specifically looked for a particular thing as there was truly none! But, after exactly one month after the acquisition, the problems started to come, one after another. Firstly, when I wanted to turn it on, I needed three up to six attempts before it even wanted to do so. At that moment, I started to worry myself. I mean, I spent a nice amount of money and I didn't want to be dissapointed regarding my decision over the PS4. Then, it started to periodically freeze when exploring the menu, afterwards it started to spread itself through games, continuously worsening over time. Furthermore, as those weren't already enough for me to handle with, it actually started to not read any DVDs! I was utterly dissapointed with my choice but, surprisingly, it had started to work before I would've called to use my warranty and potentially get a refund. Those problems are gone now, but it heats badly and it is untouchable after 2-3 hours. I do hope it's a faulty device and that not all of them have this horrendous experience to offer to their possible buyers
    My honest opinion is to not buy this console if you haven't already, because you might not have the same chance as me to recover it upon its breakage. If you want an all-in-one system, then you might as well just wait until a better alternative is released. If you want pure gaming console, go with the PS4 hands-down.

    Notable pros:
    - good specs;
    - the kinect sensor can and will impress you with its abilities;
    - seamlessly-working in the first period of time;
    - the design personally impressed me and will potentially impress you, too;
    - comfortable controller compared to its predecessor;
    - nicely-made visual animations and steady images.

    Notable cons:
    - upon using it for the first months, it will start to decrease in quality and possibly permanently break it;
    - the value for money is, honestly and not biased, the WORST, ever!;
    - it could possibly give you headaches and wrinkles if you had the aforementioned issues.

    My rating for this console: 5.5/10
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    Sorry that's been your experience...such a shame because as you said, aside from the 'name value', it's not exactly cheap! I've been hearing a lot of stories like this and now I'm feeling happy that I decided to hold off from temptation and wait a while. Maybe they'll improve it soon, but I haven't been too impressed with what I've been hearing. More than you want to pay for all that hassle, that's for sure!