Zooplus - a great place to save money on pet food and supplies (Europe)

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    Hi everybody!

    I've done a search here and nothing's coming up, so let me introduce you all to the pet food and supplies website Zooplus.

    They're a German-based online retailer and they're a great place to try, especially if you have a pet with special dietary requirements or you just want to feed grain-free etc. They have a lot of very good brands to suit every budget and if you're buying in bulk the prices get pretty low. Zooplus also have a few of their own brands which (I'm told by people who know about these things) have very respectable dietary content. Delivery is also free when you spend a certain amount (depending on your country).

    A lot of the food brands I hadn't actually heard of, but with a little Googling I found plenty of discussions online. The quality of food is *much* higher than supermarket brands - my cat is so shiny it's the first thing the vet commented on! - and so I don't have to give her as much.

    They also have a scheme where you can buy a % discount for a year - I only have the one cat but I've found it worth it.

    A couple of things worth noting: they tend to overload their boxes so have a space ready for the delivery guy to put it. They're also not too careful with the packing. Twice a single-serving tray pack I've ordered has arrived with a tiny tear in the foil top. They've both been fine to feed my cat (because the delivery only takes a few days Germany - Ireland) but on the second occasion part of the delivery was a bit ... juicy. I've never followed up with them about it but I have heard bad things about their customer service.

    The other thing is that non-food items aren't very competitively priced in my opinion. Cat litter is the same price (or more) than I'd pay for a supermarket own brand. Don't assume everything on the website will save you money.

    For some reason, the German domain, Zooplus.de, is cheaper than the others. You have one account across all the domains so you can sign up in your own language without difficulty. I don't speak any German, but between Google Translate and having the Zooplus UK website open in another tab I manage fine. They also have slightly different stock, amounts you can buy in, and special offers on the different domains.

    Hope this helps my European Peeps looking to save money on their pets!